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Song of the Week - #32 - "I'm Going to Bethlehem"


I’m so fortunate to have had the privilege of visiting Bethlehem - both the traditional location where it’s believed Jesus was born as well as the fields where the Lord’s glory shone, astounding the shepherds by the angel’s announcement. (One time in particular I had the joy of singing O Holy Night with some of my church family and several people from other nations in the cave of the Church of the Nativity. What a holy, memorable, worship moment that was for me!) For the wise men and those shepherds over two thousand years ago, traveling to Bethlehem was a trip to behold the baby King and see God’s promise fulfilled. We also can make this epic journey to Christ through the whisper of a prayer, the bowing of our knee, and the giving of our praise to Him. This Christmas season, may we constantly run to that place where Jesus has been born in our hearts. May we sense His nearness and give him our most sincere praise and adoration!

Special thanks to Bryan Taylor for playing percussion and singing with me on this track and to Carlos Gallardo-Candia for producing Song of the Week.


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