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Song Of The Week - #30 - "Let The Children Come To Me"


Very special thanks to David Cole for the beautiful illustrations that accompany this song. David and his wife Emily share God’s heart for loving children and taking them to Jesus. They serve and mentor kids in our church family and are in the process of adopting their foster son. They also love and support Threshold Ministries Inc. a ministry in Linjiang, China serving desperately poor, abused, and abandoned children. You can check out and consider supporting Threshold Ministry Incorporated’s ministry here Jesus loves children and is not bothered at all by let’s call it, their spontaneous energy. He values children and commends them to us in his ministry, teaching, and Word. This song was written from Matt. 19:14 -

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” This song speaks to the reality that Jesus wants children to come to him and that we adults must not hinder but rather encourage and help them.

I’m very proud of my two sons Jake and Levi who are youth pastors. They and so many student ministry leaders, children’s church pastors, and volunteers are valuing and leading children to Jesus week in and week out. Without realizing it we can tend to think that the important spiritual business at church happens among the adults yet, we must continually be corrected in our thinking and learn from Jesus. I hope this song can be a fun yet meaningful reminder for all of us to be a part of taking kids to Jesus!

Thanks also Carlos Gallardo-Candia on the toy piano, ukulele, percussion and vocals. Thanks to Josh Kim [Side Kick] for audio tech support and his always affirming attitude!


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