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Song of the Week - #22 - "Your Love Is Life"


This song attempts to describe what God’s love means to us and does for us. Of course it falls terribly short because there is no beginning and no end to the wonders of His love. God’s love is the most indescribable and powerful force in the universe. It is our greatest delight and our only hope. I believe songs of God’s love will continue to be written millions of years into our eternal lives with the Lord. With all of this said, God’s love is made powerless if we refuse to receive it. It’s an undeserved gift that we have to drink in and receive over and over again. I pray this song will help you do just that!

Special thanks to my youngest daughter Eileen for singing lead vocals so beautifully and bringing this song to life! Thanks also to my daughter Emmie on guitar and vocals, Carlos Gallardo-Candia on ukulele and cajón, Jonté Moore on keys, Jesenia Bernal on vocals, Sara Gallardo-Candia for her camera work, Jason Rose for his technical help and another huge thank you to Danny and Judy Villanueva for opening up their beautiful Colorado home to us.


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