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As The Deer (I Long For You) [Live]


Many of you may be familiar with the worship song written from Psalm 42 several decades ago. After my most recent trip to Israel in 2017, I was inspired with a new melody.

Our wonderful guide Gila took us on a hike to the spring of Golan and informed us that it was very likely near this spring that the Psalmist wrote this passionate cry. While hiking the area, I really did get thirsty and was reminded how I want to be a Jesus follower who desperately longs and thirsts for him. My prayer is that regardless of how far or near you feel God is to you now, this song will ignite a hunger in you for more of Him!

The heart behind this House Worship video series is to highlight the joy and blessing of the generations worshiping together. I pray it blesses and inspires you.

This video features both Markita Knight and Natalie Taylor on vocals. I continue to be so thankful to work with such wonderful and gifted friends.



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